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Lals Inception: The person behind the concept

Lal Majid's story: the making of a Pakistani chocolatier.

Passion is what makes an artist; it's the simple difference between those who settle for good and those who can’t stop at anything less than great. Which is what the story of Lals is all about.

LalMajid is one of those people for whom being great still isn’t good enough. Under her warm and engaging exterior beats the heart of a born artist. Furthermore, as a lover of chocolate, her artistry makes itself evident in her pursuit of excellence, extraordinary design, and commitment to the best confectionery available in Pakistan.

LalMajid’s dream began as a child. Her favouritestory book was “Hansel and Gretel” and the best part in it for her was the house made of chocolate. She grew up day dreaming about owning her own house of chocolate one day. This dream became reality (well sort of!) when she started her own luxury chocolate company Lals. At Lals, each chocolate piece is lovingly hand made with the finest ingredients resulting in edible masterpieces.

LalMajid, the chocolatier extraordinaire, opened her first chocolate shop in the prestigious Zamzama district in the city of Karachi to share both her love of chocolate and her passion for presentation. She followed this by opening two outlets in Lahore and has recently launched Lals Patisserie in Karachi, a multi story flagship store that serves along with high quality chocolate, premium Italian gelato, scrumptious desserts and an eclectic savoury menu made with fresh and authentic premium ingredients.Following a philosophy of celebrating life and its beauty, Lal is determined to lead a confectionery renaissance and hopes that her pursuit of sweet perfection will be an inspiration to both chocolate artisans and pastry aficionados.

There's love involved, and that's what makes the difference. From presentation to first bite, each element of a Lals gift-box is hand-crafted with painstaking care and consideration. That's why Lals has become key to so many thoughtful exchanges, joyful declarations, special occasions and countless celebrations.


Lals – Brand Profile

Lals is a luxury chocolate brand and has been in the business of selling high-end chocolates since 2006. Edible masterpieces, Lals chocolates are hand made from the finest Belgian chocolate. Although we are a young company, we have already established a name that is synonymous with excellence and elegance. We pride ourselves in the excellence and flair of all our creations and in the individualized service that we provide for all of our customers.Our services are for all occasions especially the important ones like weddings, holidays, engagements and baby births. We are also constantly exceeding expectations in corporate gifting and provide year round gifting ideas to Pakistan’s top companies. Our speciality besides our fine chocolates is our stunning and high quality packaging that can be tailor made for our clients.