Gift Wrapping

For us, picking the right materials for wrapping a gift is a delight.  We have a passion for presentation, and find just as much pleasure in our aesthetics as we do in our gourmet products. 

Classic patterns or trendy pastels; roses and satin or metallic threads—decorating is our speciality.  We provide the best materials for your needs, be they muted hues on paper or vibrant shades in fabrics, and are always happy to customise our gifts for your needs.

Whether for weddings, birthdays, Eid gifts, or just something to brighten a person’s day, our team of talented designers can transform simple gifts into stunning tributes that will dazzle and enchant.

Trousseau Presentation

Whether the wedding is modern and sophisticated or simple and casual, the bride and groom’s wedding gifts are thought of as the earthly treasures. Families put enormous thought and effort into collecting the right gifts for the bride to be as well as gifts for in laws, relatives and friends. We are always happy to customise our decorative packaging according to the beautiful gifts you have collected so thoughtfully.  We believe that no gift should be presented without the right packaging as presentation is as important as the gift itself.