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H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

★ Scrambled Egg Croissant with Salmon 690 

Scrambled eggs in a creamy sauce paired with smoked salmon on a garlic scented croissant.


H Minute Steak and Eggs 650 

Marinated beef tenderloin with poached eggs and hollandaise served with sautéed mushroom.


Spanish Eggs 550

Scrambled eggs with peppers, jalapeños and onions served with potatoes and 2 spicy sauces.


Cheese and Shroom Omelette 525

Cheese and mushroom omelette with chopped parsley, onions and tomatoes, served with BBQ baked beans and a hash brown.


♥ Sriracha Scrambled Eggs 545

Scrambled eggs placed on corn, cheese and jalapeño pancakes with a sriracha sauce.


★ Eggs Marinara 660

A crumbed chicken cutlet topped with parmesan and served with eggs and a marinara sauce.


Khageena 525

Desi scrambled eggs with green chillies and fresh herbs served with chutneys and mini parathas.


♥ Breakfast Burrito 640

Scrambled eggs, steak, cheese, chimichurri sauce and salsa rolled into a wrap.


♥ Smoked Salmon Fried Eggs 650

Sunny side up fried eggs with a creamy sauce and freshly sliced smoked salmon.


Eggs Benedict with Turkey Bacon 660

Poached eggs placed on toasted English muffin with garlic butter, hollandaise and crispy turkey bacon, served with sautéed mushrooms.


Brioche French Toast 460

Golden French toast seasoned with vanilla and cinnamon and glazed with caramelized apples.

Make your own Omelette 440

Choose toppings to make your very own omelette! Served with BBQ baked beans, hash browns and house-made whole wheat bread.

Addon for free: Tomatoes / Onions / Green Chillies / Cilantro.

Addon for Rs. 50 each: Mushrooms / Cheddar Cheese / Mozzarella Cheese / Feta Cheese / Sun-dried Tomatoes / Olives / Spinach / Jalapeño / Turkey Bacon / Scallions / Bell Peppers / Sweet Corn / Smoked Chicken Sausages.

Addon for Rs. 150: Smoked Salmon.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


H Tuscan Beef Pasta Salad 600

Slow cooked roast beef, pasta, caramelized onions, rocket leaves and basil tossed in our mustard olive oil dressing.

Pear and Walnut 480

Thinly sliced pears, crisp rocket leaves and parmesan, tossed with candied walnuts and drizzled with balsamic olive oil dressing.

Tropical Pineapple and Chicken 430

Lightly spiced chicken breast, olives, roasted pineapples, barley, iceberg lettuce and rocket leaves in our tropical green chilli and ginger dressing.

Oriental Chicken and Noodle 460

Oriental spiced chicken and noodles tossed in lemon juice with cucumbers and spinach with our home made Thai chilli dressing.

♥ Summer Greens and Feta 450

Mixed summer greens with feta cheese, tomatoes and garlicky lemon dressing.

Addon for Rs. 100: Grilled Chicken

Caesar 520

Iceberg and Romaine lettuce with grilled chicken, croûtons and grated parmesan.


Tomato Basil 250

Classic tomato basil soup served with oven baked croûtons.

Mulligatawny 270

An aromatic curry soup made with tender chicken pieces, rice and lentils.

Soup of the Day 250

Find out from your server.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


Pepperoni, Jalapeño and Green Chillies 750

BBQ Chicken and Caramelized Onions 750

Pesto Chicken 750

Margherita 700


Banh Mi 550

A Vietnamese sandwich with pan fried chicken patties topped with pickled carrots, shredded scallions, cucumbers, coriander and spicy mayo in a house made baguette.

♥ Roast Beef Foccacia 575

Sliced roast beef topped with cheddar cheese, arugula and tomatoes with a mustard dressing in olive focaccia.

Chicken Rocket Baguette 550

Grilled chicken slices packed with rocket leaves, tomatoes, parmesan and a special house sauce in a baguette.

Old Skool Hunter Beef 560

A hunter beef spread seasoned with parsley and pepper served in a multigrain bread.

♥ Sriracha Chicken Baguette 475

Sriracha sautéed chicken, fresh baby spinach & rocket leaves, onions, capsicum, crisp grated carrots & cheddar cheese served hot on Lals oven fresh baguette.

Curried Chicken and Walnut 425

Spiced curry chicken, walnuts, raisins, crunchy grated carrots, crisp iceberg lettuce and rocket leaves on our whole wheat bread.

Lals Patisserie Burger 605

A beef patty burger topped with our special smoky sauce, iceberg, tomato and onions.

♥ Jalapeño Beef (HOT) 490

Barbeque sautéed beef paired with zingy jalapeños, rich cheddar, fresh baby spinach and rocket served hot on our freshly baked baguette.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


Crispy Chicken Pillows 475

Delicate minced meat encased in crispy filo pastry, stuffed with cheese and a hint of spice served with chilli oil.

Dorito Chicken Strips with Dip 475

Dorito coated spicy chicken strips served with a cheesy sauce.

Chicken Skewers with Chutney 430

Marinated chicken skewers served with a fragrant coconut milk and imli infusion.

♥ Gourmet Fries Platter 450

Curly French fries topped with cheddar cheese sauce, horseradish cream, turkey bacon and scallions.

H Hummus Yummus 375

Hummus and babaghanoush served with flat bread.

H Cous Cous Filler 650

A light couscous mixed with rocket leaves, delicious feta, dried apricots and pine nuts with a lemon and olive oil dressing.


♥ Nut Encrusted Chicken 690

Marinated chicken fillet, coated with pistachio, stuffed with lemon and basil cream cheese, served on a bed of lemony spinach.

Traditional English Fish n Chips 690

Moist white fish deep fried in a crispy batter served with French fries and home made tartare sauce.

★ Chicken and Mushroom Crepe 475

Lals signature crepes with a creamy chicken and mushroom filling.

Chicken Parmesan 620

Baked chicken breast encrusted in parmesan, served with rocket salad and drizzled with balsamic vinegrette.

Pasta Puttanesca 580

Spaghetti tossed in a spicy sauce of simmered tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, olives and red chilli.

★ Chicken Skewers with Greens 650

Marinated chicken skewers, cooked in Mediterranean spices, on a bed of sautéed spinach.

Pesto Ricotta Pasta 630

Fettuccini tossed in a home made roast almond and ricotta pesto sauce.

Add Grilled Chicken for Rs.100

★ Spicy Mediterranean Chicken and Rice Bowl 710

A bowl of spicy rice topped with marinated chicken breast, Greek salad, roasted tomatoes and hummus.

Lasagna Al Forno 630

Sizzling layers of melting cheeses, interspersed with sheet pasta and the beloved classic meat ragu.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

Tiramisu 400

An Italian classic with bold flavors of cocoa and espresso, mascarpone cheese layered with lady finger biscuits.

Crème Brulee 360

A rich custard base topped with burnt caramel.

Vanilla Bean & Berry Panacotta 375

A light and creamy traditional Italian pudding.

Warm Apple Pie 375

Served with a scoop of smooth vanilla gelato.

Choco Pound Millionaire 375

Lemon pound cake with millionaire chocolate gelato topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Hazelnut Delight 370

Chocolate sponge macaronade biscuit & hazelnut cream.

Mogador 350

Chocolate sponge, macaronade biscuit, dark chocolate mousse, praline cream and caramelized hazelnuts.

Molten Chocolate Soufflé 350

A light baked cake with a warm chocolate center.

Chocolate Pave 370

Chocolate sponge with chocolate Chantilly Cream.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

Lemon Pound 170

A fresh burst of lemon coupled with the deliciousness of the pound cake.

Chocolate Mousse 350

A devilishly rich chocolate mousse cake.

New York Cheesecake 350

A classic baked cheesecake with a heavenly cream cheese flavor.

♥ Red Velvet 350

An American classic.

Triple Layer Chocolate 350

A layered cake with three kinds of chocolate mousse covered in chocolate ganache.

Strawberry Cheesecake 350

A delightful cold cheesecake with home made strawberry compote.

♥ Dark Chocolate Cake 350

A house favorite! A luxurious dark chocolate cake.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


Chocolate 350

Lemon Crème 100

Walnut Chocolate 350


Our gelato is made fresh daily. Please ask your server for the flavors of the day or peek inside the display freezer.

Single Scoop 190

Double Scoop 320

Triple Scoop 450

Waffle Cone 50

Each Topping 40

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


Nutella crepe 250

Dark chocolate crepe 250

Nutella crepe with bananas/strawberries (seasonal) 300

Crepe with cinnamon caramelized apples and caramel sauce 300


♥ Choco Brownie Sundae 450

Chewy brownie chunks served with chocolate, coffee and cookie gelato, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Nutty Sundae 450

Pistachio, vanilla and choco-chipper gelato with whipped cream, nuts and caramel sauce.

Rainbow Sundae 450

Strawberry, kinder and chocolate gelato set on a bed of smarties, drizzled with raspberry sauce and whipped cream.

♥ Brownelato 350

A decadent American brownie with a scoop of gelato.

♥ Ice-cream Macaron 200

Nutella Hazelnut / Vanilla & Salted Caramel.

Curried chicken sandwiches in our freshly baked bread, Quiche of your choice, Chocolate Eclair, Brownie, Scone with home-made clotted Cream and Jam, a Fruit tart and a Macaron.

With a choice of two beverages either Tea, Coffee or Mint lemonade 650

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

Choco – Berry Waffle Sundae 425

Chocolate chip waffle with fresh strawberries, vanilla gelato, with whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

Classic Waffle Sundae 425

Our original waffle with vanilla gelato, fresh bananas, caramel sauce and whipped cream.

Mint – Choco Waffle Sundae 425

Chocolate chip waffle with mint gelato, topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.

Strawberry Waffle Sundae 425

Waffle with strawberry compote, strawberry gelato, topped with chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

♥ The Ultimate Waffle Sundae 480

Waffle with chocolate and vanilla gelato, fresh bananas, topped with roasted almonds, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.

Chocolate Chip Waffles 425

Served with our house made chocolate sauce.

Strawberry & Cream Waffles 425

Served with compote and whipped cream.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

♥ Croissant 200

Plain / Almond

Brownies 250

Dark Chocolate & Walnut / Chocolate Fudge Frosted / Chocolate Chip Cookie

♥ Quiche 275

Spinach and Cheese / Chicken and Mushroom

Cupcakes 175

Chocolate / Banoffee / Caramel / Red Velvet / Carrot / Cappuccino / Lemon

♥ Cookies 100

Chocolate Chip / White Chocolate Chip / Oatmeal Raisin / Peanut Butter

French Macaron 115

Pistachio / Chocolate / White Chocolate / Vanilla / Strawberry / Coconut / Salted Caramel / Coffee / Rose / Lemon

Muffins 170

Chocolate / White Chocolate / Apple Cinnamon / Banana Date Walnut

Éclairs 100

Chocolate / Coffee / Caramel / Strawberry

English Scone 220

Served with clotted cream & jam

Comfort in a Basket 350

Warm scones, a hearty muffin, buttery brioche all served with clotted cream, sweet jam and our decadent chocolate sauce.

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New

From Our Barista

  Espresso 215

  Macchiato 220

  Long Black 200

  Cappuccino 280

  Café Latte 280

  Mochaccino 280

♥ Dark Chocolate Latte 320

  Caramel Macchiato Latte 330

  Extra Shot of Espresso 100

Coffee Flavors (Add on for Rs. 50) Hazelnut, Irish Crème, Caramel, Vanilla, Almond

Over Ice

  Iced Latte 280

  Iced Caramel Latte 300

  Iced Mocha 285

  Iced Tea 220

  Iced Vanilla Latte 330

  Oreo Frappe 380

♥ Salted Caramel Frappe 380

  Mocha Frappe 380

  Very Berry Frappe 350

  Coffee Frappe (Cold Coffee) 350

H  Healthy  ♥ Popular  ★ New


  Shake 390

• Chocolate • Strawberry • Kinder • Brownie • Vanilla • Coffee • White Chocolate

Each Topping 40


  Raspberry Lime 330

  Fresh Seasonal Juice 265

  Fresh Mint Lemonade 200


  Nestle Water small 75

  Soft Drinks 100

• Pepsi • Diet Pepsi • 7-Up • Diet 7-Up • Mirinda

  Fresh Lime 135

♥ Viennese Hot Chocolate 275

  Black Tea with Milk 150

  Green Tea 150

  Twinings Flavored Tea 200